A Mountain, But Not a River

We continue to add more Chicago dates for our popular escape-room-in-a-box, Creatures on the Loose!.
The Mystery League
A Mountain, But Not a River
By The Mystery League • Issue #13
We continue to add more Chicago dates for our popular escape-room-in-a-box, Creatures on the Loose!. Currently there are three events in March you can buy tickets for. I’d love to bring the game to another city for a weekend; if you want us to come to where you live, let me know.
In other exciting news, I’ll be teaching a course at University of Chicago this spring on puzzle design. A team there is building an ARG for new students this fall, and my class will help build puzzles for that event. If you are a U of C student or know of any, there’s an info session on March 9th.
Finally, here is your puzzle of the week: What mountain’s name, when anagrammed, is not the name of river in Africa?

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Hey look, I joined the modern day and got me an Instagram.
Solution to previous puzzle
From Dispatch #12. Decrypt at rot13.com.
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