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Calli Handset

Mystery League is heading to San Francisco! I’ll be in town March 3 - 6. If you’d like me to put one
The Mystery League
Calli Handset
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #50 • View online
Mystery League is heading to San Francisco! I’ll be in town March 3 - 6. If you’d like me to put one of my games for you and your co-workers on one of those days, please reply to this email ASAP.
I may also put on a public game Sunday night (3rd) near San Jose, and on Tuesday night (5th) in San Francisco. I’m looking for a big, friendly, well-lit venue in both areas. If you know of one, please reply to this email and let me know! Thanks.
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Puzzle of the Week. Think of a celebrity that goes by a stage name. Their born last name describes something found on a phone. Remove the last letter from their stage first name to get something a phone does. Who is this?

"I hid a secret song in my videos."
Cain’s Jawbone – A Novel Problem by Edward Powys Mathers: Unbound
Novelty Crossword Songs!
Solution to previous puzzle
From Issue #49. Congrats to everyone who got it right: Ben Siegler, Adam Bell, Heather, J. Selby, Jon Cudby, Julia Robbin, Amanda Burkett, Heather Kennedy, Phil Calvert, Andrea & Rachael, Pike, Jon R, Peter Weisz, Rachel Quest, Zach Barton, Beth, Brian Casavant, Justin Ladia, Sarah L, Leland Aldridge, Yossi Fendel, Catherine, Mike Henry, Heaather, T McAy, Kaylee & John Foley, Dee R., Elsa Fluss, Cameron D, James M, Andrei Mignea, James K., From Virginia, Brian Hoffman, jding, chris helms, David Marcin, Rose Marcin, Megan Baskin, Claire Romero, Kira Corteville, David Edwards, Nick Tabick, Jane Ivy James, Becca Kstedt, Ryan Bollettino, Danny Still, Dave Bennett, Fiona Byrd, Emily B, HowToFoldSoup, Dan, Christopher Atkinson, Jimmy Smith, Chad Pits, Ryan A. Horst, Gregg K, Wombat, Jenny Farver, Kevin H, John Fecile, Jena, Dean S., and John W.
Honorable mention to Daniel Marcin, who submitted: Hello, Dolly / Dolly Part'n.
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Sandor Weisz

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