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Caroline Savory

The Mystery League
Caroline Savory
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #49 • View online
Puzzle of the Week. Take a woman’s first name. If you follow it with a certain five-letter word, you get someone famous. On the other hand, if you precede it with the opposite word, also five letters, you get a famous song title. What name and song are these?

The Enigmatist - YouTube
What makes alternate reality games good
Solution to previous puzzle
From Issue #48. Congrats to the people who got it right: Daniel Marcin, Evangeline, Jimmy Smith, Catherine, Mike R. D., Erin Milligan-Milburn, Rachel Quest, Ashley Horst, Sarah L, Lex, Beth Davenport, Josh T., Greg Nass, Chris Cogburn, Mike McNamara, Fiona Byrd, Tyler Hinman, Joshua Allen, Brian C., Jon R., Matt N., and mark bernstein.
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Sandor Weisz

I run The Mystery League, a company of creative puzzlemakers in Chicago. This is my weekly dispatch of puzzle news. To learn about puzzle events in Chicago, subscribe to Puzzling in Chicago:

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