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Coffee & Honey

The Mystery League
Coffee & Honey
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #73 • View online
Well! A lot has happened since I wrote you last. The biggest thing is that my team, Palindrome, won the MIT Mystery Hunt. The correct response to this is: congrats/condolences! The top prize is a gorgeous, engraved coin… and the responsibility to write next year’s hunt. It will be difficult to top this year, which was a beautiful construction (inside of a fully-functioning virtual world) by the fine folx of ✈️ ✈️ ✈️ Galactic Trendsetters ✈️ ✈️ ✈️. If you’d like to take a deep, deep dive into the hunt, along with some links to specific puzzles, I strongly recommend this very long article by GT member CJ Q.
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Puzzle of the Week. What two components, which are often mixed together in cocktails, contain, within their names, words that are opposites of each other?

Kameron Austin Collins on representation in New York Times Crosswords
Virtual Escape Jam
The Man Who Found Forrest Fenn's Treasure
TANGRAM, Volume 1
Solution to the previous puzzle
From Issue #72
Congrats to all who solved it correctly: Andrew S., Andrew Z, Benjamin p, Bill Jones, bodhipepper, Bollo, Brad R, Brian Perkins, Brock Batsell, Charles, Chris Stevens, Christopher Plummer, Claire Stewart, Dana J, David J Hall, Dawn R., Elliot T, Emilie, Endless Pastabilities, Erin Fleck, Gina Qin, Grant Anderson, Guy Jacobson, GW, Irene, Jason Westley, Jen B, Jen LP, Jen Mitchell, Jenna LaFleur, Jenny, Jeremy Hamman, Jeremy Horwitz, Joe P, Joey Spain, John Broussard, John Laubacher, Jonah, Kailin Johnson, Kate Williams, Kelly McMahon, Kid Beyond, Kieran, Korbin, Kristen W., Lex Friedman, Lily Geller, Lindsey, Lisa B., Liz G., LizRen, Lydster, Marcus, Matt N, Matt S, Max Kerr, Michele P, Mindy Mentzel, Morgan, Neville Fogarty, Patrick C, Paul Matwychuk, pgw, Phil C, Pike, Puente, Qlaudie, Rad Bot Chili Derpers, Rich B, Rob H, Robbie E, Robbie Moy, Sami, Sarah M, SBattersby, SeanD, Stephen Monteiro, Steve, SVNBob Pratt, T Welch, Tim Davis, Todd Benson, Tommy, Trevor, Victoria, Will Durbin, Will S, Y2BJ, Zekemata.
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