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Puzzle of the Week. Take a word that can mean "criminals," as well as a word for a kind of crime. Mer
The Mystery League
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #53 • View online
Puzzle of the Week. Take a word that can mean “criminals,” as well as a word for a kind of crime. Merge the two words together to get a single word that describes how some crimes are committed. What words are these?

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Solution to previous puzzle
From Issue #52. Congrats to everyone who got it right: Dr. Eamus Catuli, Jason Bunch, Mike Westfall, TR, Chelsea Lang, Daniel Marcin, Laura S., Jonathan Sheffi, Chandler B., Matt N., Andrew Walker, Heather Kennedy, Wombat, Sarah L, Joe Longname, Jimmy Smith, Jon Cudby, Nick Baxter, “Michael”, Jon R., Brian Kupersmit, Yossi Fendel, Thebigdude, Chris Helms, Jeremy B., Beth Davenport, Rex, Codiak, Bollo, Adam G., Quiz Quiztofferson, David Jakubiak, Yousuf Ahmed, Risa, John Broussard, Justin Storch, Cory S, Will M, Justin Campoli, Curtis, Scott Hodges, Brad Temple, Dave-Train, Matt C, Kilgore Trout, Nick salvia.
Honorable mention to Eric M, who submitted this great alternate solution: Los Angeles DODGERS <– Anaheim DUCKS –> New Orleans PELICANS.
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