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The Mystery League
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #66 • View online
I hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy in these trying times. If you’re working on the front lines of this pandemic, or know folks who are, first of all: thank you. If you’d like some puzzles to occupy your mind during breaks, please get in touch by replying to this email. I’ve got a big backlog and I’d be happy to send some on if it would help.
Meanwhile, it’s been a busy couple weeks around here, prepping and launch the Pilcrow Bar project for Alinea (see below), and building out trivia & puzzle event for my team-building clients. (Get in touch if you wanna hire me for your company.) I’m still posting puzzles on Twitter and Instagram every day, so please join me over there if you’re on those platforms.
Stay safe, everyone.
😷 😷 😷
Puzzle of the week. Name a brand you can buy in most drugstores, in the cough remedy aisle. Change one letter and add a space, and you’ll get the name of a brand you might be able to find in the grocery aisle. What are these two brands?

The Lost Temple - Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space
New York Times Crossword Constructors Are Fighting Against its Systemic Bias - VICE
Meta-list of remote/play-at-home escape and puzzle game lists - Google Sheets
Solution to the previous puzzle
GNBF — > GNPBF (in rot-13)
Congrats to those who solved it correctly: Lauren, Andrea, Rachael, Claire, Maddie H., Chris Norborg, Dave Grossman, Richard Chiburis, Raji, Jimmy Smith, Brian B., Gregg K, Ian R, Michael, Linda K, Rose Marcin, Dana Jara, @qpheevr, Laura Melling, Daniel Marcin, Ned Robert, Ryan Bollettino, Rachel Quest, Amanda M., Maddie H. , Brian B., Dana Jara, Ryan, JJ Seiters, Andy, Jesica Johnston, Todd Benson
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