Dispatch #9 🗝 Brainteasers // ARG update // Other games 🦃

Hello, again. Happy Thanksgiving, for those of you celebrating. If you're looking for dinner table to
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Dispatch #9 🗝 Brainteasers // ARG update // Other games 🦃
By The Mystery League • Issue #9
Hello, again. Happy Thanksgiving, for those of you celebrating. If you’re looking for dinner table topics beyond the US election, I hope these links, and the puzzle at the end, can help.

Can You Solve Walter Benjamin’s Brainteasers?
From 1927 to 1933, the German literary critic had a radio show for children. The broadcast transcripts are now available in English—this one is full of riddles.
Indie Games’ Most Cryptic Mystery Apparently Just A Frog Fractions Teaser
Remember that sigil that was composed of puzzle pieces pulled from 19 indie games? Someone finally figured out what it was for, and the answer is… yet more more clue in a seemingly never-ending ARG.
Another ARG, this one about fish canning
A GRASSROOTS ALTERNATE reality game about Koatoa Marine recently launched by shipping a puzzle alongside empty cans of the company’s Razorkan fish. To date, gameplay has focused on exchanging emails with employees from this off-world fish cannery of the future.
the OtherGames
A large collection of silly, simple, “open source” games, most of which require no props.
Puzzle of the week
Name a famous 20th century musician. Change one letter in his first name to get the first name of a 20th century TV character. Change one letter in the musician’s last name to get the first name of the actor who played that character. Who are these people?
Answers to last week’s puzzle (in rot-13):

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