Have you seen Terra Green?

Attention Washington, D.C. friends! I'd like to bring Creatures on the Loose to your town on the even
The Mystery League
Have you seen Terra Green?
By The Mystery League • Issue #16
Attention Washington, D.C. friends! I’d like to bring Creatures on the Loose to your town on the evening of May 4th. But I don’t know the city at all, and could use some help finding a venue. If you have ideas, or even if you don’t but want to come, fill out this form!

Puzzle Your Kids: Free puzzles for 8-14-year-olds
I’ve been a subscriber of Eric Berlin’s Puzzle Your Kids since it was Kickstarter. It’s been a huge hit in our house. Now Eric is making PYK weekly and free. It’s terribly difficult to make puzzles that kids can get, and Eric does a great job. Highly recommended.
This Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend Through Love Letters That He Wrote To Her For 3 Years
Lovely, ingenious, and terrifying all at once. I guess technically he had always had an out — starts off with “WILL YOU MARRY M”, changes his mind, and continues with “Y FRIEND JOE?”
The Bletchley
A cocktail bar in London where everything is coded. I’m skeptical, but next time I make it to London, of course I’m going to visit. Anyone been?
Puzzle of the week
Credit to my friend Foggy, who noticed this one. Have a look at this product’s name. What’s incredible about it?
Solution to previous puzzle
TNAQUV (Trbetvn, Abegu Qnxbgn, Unjnvv)
Puzzle in Dispatch #15. Decrypt at ro13.com.
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