I'd Deny Inland Orca Memorial

Puzzle of the Week. What 20th century figure’s last name is made up of three consecutive U.S. state a
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I'd Deny Inland Orca Memorial
By The Mystery League • Issue #15
Puzzle of the Week. What 20th century figure’s last name is made up of three consecutive U.S. state abbreviations?
Fill out this form with the correct answer by the end of day today to win a pair of half-price tickets to an upcoming Creatures on the Loose game in Chicago. (Prize is transferrable to a local, if you don’t live nearby.)

It’s DASH time! Different Area Same Hunt: A day-long puzzle hunt throughout your city, on May 6. There are 16 cities participating this year. I’ve been playing since DASH 3. It’s a highlight of the puzzling year.
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Woodland Puzzle Box summer camp
At this week-long summer camp in Burlington, VT, “Kiddos create avatars and inhabit a magical woodland filled with mysteries, scavenger hunts, and puzzles. One part Magic the Gathering, one part Dungeons and Dragons, and three parts Escape Room.”
Happy Pi Day. Here's a song about it.
The mystical and magical properties of Pi have enchanted and bewildered wizard and humankind alike over the centuries, but with this song Hard ‘N Phirm are casting a musical spell to achieve oneness with this universal constant.
Chris Evans Pranks Comic Fans with Surprise Escape Room
America’s Most Charming Superhero, Chris Evans, teams with with a comic book store to rope unsuspecting patrons into solving a surprise escape room.
Puzzled Pint is TONIGHT
The theme is Alice in Wonderland. Find your city’s location here.
Solution to previous puzzle
Puzzle is in Dispatch #14. Decrypt at rot13.com.
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