Infinity times three


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The Mystery League
Infinity times three
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #78 • View online
Happy fall! The last month has been a bit of a roller coaster at Mystery League HQ. After a few months of booking a few in-person events, it now looks like we’re back to mostly running virtual events for at least the rest of the year. I really miss running games in person, but we all gotta stay safe. You can learn more about my online trivia games and sign up here.
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Puzzle of the Week. Think of a number, remove one-third of it, then remove one-third again (in a different way), and the result will be the original number. What number is this?
(Note: there are two valid answers.)

Matt & Emma’s Carnival Conundrum
Masquerade on the Criminal podcast
Topic: Surprise, Drowsy Cows RIP, as Corrected (2,5,7,10)
Solution to the previous puzzle
I received some interesting wrong answers to this puzzle, but the intended answer was Xvatfgba and Cbeg-nh-Cevapr (in Rot-13).
From Issue #77
Congrats to all who solved it: Aaron Tell, Adele C, Alex and Maddy, Allison Payne, Amanda Garrett, amanda m, Bill S., Billiam Davidson Jonesington, BlueSquare5, Brian Blankstein, Brian Lee, Brian Perkins, Brock Batsell, Bruce Hardstone, Casey Callaghan, Charlotte and Patrick, Chris Norborg, Christian B., Conor Durkin, Courtney Boesen, Cynthia Dan Connolly, Daniel “I Still Say Abolish The Monarchy” Marcin, Daniel B, Dave, Debbie Muller, Derick Hildebrandt, Dixonary ,Don Ray, Dr. Chance Evers, Eeshan Malhotra, Ellen, Ellyse, Eric G, Evan Davis, Finn, Foley, Frank Webb, Franklin Wu, GSW, Harper E., Heather Kennedy, Hilary Hayduk, Ian M. P., Ian Rodgers, Irene, J. R. Tomici, Jade Law, James G, James Kelly, Jana, Jason Westley, Jen B, Jim Sluder, Joe, Joe L, Joey Spain, John Bishof, Jonathan Sheffi, Jordan Hayes-Devloo, Josh T, Judy W, Kailin J, Karla Schneider, Kat J., Kate, Kid Beyond, KP, L&R, Lily G, Lindsey Shi, Lisa B., Liz G, M. Robb Milford, Maggie W., Markus Butkus, Matt Kerbel, Matt L, Matt N., Matthew Stein, Max, Mia Villeneuve, Mike Schmitt, Natalie Stevens, Nikolaj Jensen, Not Kevin, Olu Ok, Patrick C, Phil A, Phil C. , Pike, PSkip, @qpheevr, R. P. Salonga, Raji, Renee Vandervelde, Rob H, Ruth V., Ryan Larimore, Saffie Kaplan, Sami Casanova, Sarah L., Shaby Kaderi & Topher Kersting, Steph Linquist, Tamara Brenner, Todd Benson, TR, Victoria, and Zach Z.
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