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Lady! Ladi! Ladé!

The autumn is rich will puzzle hunts: DASH, Puzzle Boat, Mark Halpin's Labor Day set, Cryptic Puzzle
The Mystery League
Lady! Ladi! Ladé!
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #40 • View online
The autumn is rich will puzzle hunts: DASH, Puzzle Boat, Mark Halpin’s Labor Day set, Cryptic Puzzle Hunt, and now REDDOT (link below). Battle that SAD by digging into a plethora of really solid puzzles.
Here’s a creative challenge. A recent twitter puzzle presented these 5 phrases and asked you to come up with another that followed the same pattern:
  • William, Harry
  • Lady! Ladi! Ladé!
  • Flood’s Going Over My Head
  • NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt, Jr., from 1999 to 2007
  • The Road Also Known as Michigan Highway 102
The gimmick is: each describes a song with a number in it and the number of words in the clue equals the number mentioned in the song. (Two Princes, Three Times A Lady, Fire Feet High and Rising. Driver 8, 8 Mile.)
Your challenge: come up with another phrase that can fit in this set and submit it here. I’ll post my 3 favorites in the next Dispatch.

How to Make a Crossword Puzzle - The New York Times
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