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The Mystery League
Lambchop Megadeth
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #72 • View online
Hello, again! Hope you had a peaceful, restful weekend.
It’s holiday season, which now involves figuring out what it means to have an entirely remote office holiday party. The good news is I’ve been building out my stable of Zoom-based trivia games, and I still have plenty of days free in the December calendar. Here’s the page to send to your boss, where they can book a slot instantly.
🎧 🎧 🎧
Puzzle of the Week. Which band’s name, in four words, contains A, B, C, D, & E, in that order (though not consecutive)?

Daro + Caro's Pixar Puzzle Hunt
Terrarium won an Indiecade!
David Kwong's Inside the Box @ Geffen Playhouse
Literary puzzle solved for just third time in almost 100 years
Solution to the previous puzzle
The answer we were looking for was QLR > ELR, but GVAG > CVAG, PHGF > AHGF, and a few other options also work! (in Rot-13)
Congrats to all who solved it correctly: @qpheevr, @TweetChiZone, Aaron, Adam Benway, Admiral Jota, Alina Morelli Baima, Amanda Garrett, Amanda M, Amanda Shubert, Andrew, Andrew B, Anonymous, ARamirez, Beth Davenport, Bigeffinmoose, Bill Jones, Blake Danger, Brad R, Brandon Klein, Brendan M., Brian Lee, Brian Perkins, Bryan, Bryce J., C Wolf, Charlotte Burke, Chris Helms, Chris Weed, Christina, cwilk, Dan R.C., Dan_Cantu, Dana Jara, Daniel Marcin, Daniel Spencer, Danielle, Darren, David, David Wellman, Dee Kenney, DiscoDean, Dog Cohen, Elliot T, Eric G, Eric Knox, Erin, Erin Milligan-Milburn, ERM, Evan Davis, Follmer!, Frank in Pgh, Franklin, Gavin Smith, Greta, Hannah, Harley, Ian P., Ian R, Jacob W, James Frye, James G, Jana, Jared Mason, Jason Schneiderman, Jeff Alexy, Jen from Vancouver BC, Jenny, Jenny Friedes, Jeremy, Jim Schneider, Jimmy Smith, Joe, Joel, John Agpalo, John W, Jon Ginsberg, josef, Josh T, Josh V, Julie Bauml, Justin Kalef, Karen, Kate S, Kelly McMahon, Kelly McMahon, Kevin Keating, Kevin McD, Kira Novak, Laura Bond, Laura K, Lex, Liz Brodzinski, Lois H, Mads, Maggie Wittlin, Marissa C., Mary Quest, Matt Boehm, Matt K, Matt Marber, Matt N., Melissa Vandenbark, Michael, Mindy Mentzel, Neville Fogarty, Nick Karbassi, Nick T, Nicki CS, Ninakix, No worries I already answered with pint/tint, Noah S., Patrick C, Peter Tran, Peter Weisz, Phil C, Philip S, Pike, Potor Tron, Pundog, Rachel Quest, Richard Hren, Ross McNamara, Rush S, Sam, Sarah, Scootch, Scott L, Scott T., Sean McBride, SeanD, Shane Simmons, Steven E., strongrad, T Welch, Tamara Brenner, Terra, Thomas, Tim Giannetti, Todd Benson, Tree, Tyler J, Victoria, Y2BJ, Zach Z.
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Sandor Weisz

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