Mission San Juan Kubo


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The Mystery League
Mission San Juan Kubo
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #69 • View online
Fall is around the corner, and with it comes a bunch of juicy puzzle events. Mark Halpin publishes his annual Labor Day puzzle set on Saturday, Sep 5th. They’re always a brilliant, difficult set of puzzles that keep me occupied for days or weeks. Then there’s Puzzle Boat 7, launching October 10th. A wide range of word and logic puzzles by Foggy Brume, PB can be a weeks-long endeavor, even for a big team.
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Puzzle of the Week. Today’s puzzle was also featured this week on the Sunday Puzzle on NPR.
Think of a place on earth with a four-word name. Take the third word. Advance three of its letters to the next letter of the alphabet (so A would become B, B would be come C, etc.). You’ll get the fourth word in the name. What place is this?
Submit your answer here. (And/or to NPR 😁)

The Crossword Revolution Is Upon Us | Time
The Curious Correspondence Club
COCOA - the Conundrum Cognitive Assessment test
Solution to the previous puzzle
From Issue #68
Congrats to all who solved it correctly: Scott Handelman, Kevin Keating, Peter M, Kyle Hustek, Rob J., Andy Simmons, Kelly Kitsch, Ravi Nadimpalli, T. Giannetti, Chris Jones, Vince Messina, Scott Joy, Corey McMahon, Rose Marcin, Prescott, Thomas, FW, Integral, FW, Tommy, Sami Casanova, John S., Q, Jocelyn Compton, Dave Grossman, Beth Davenport, Aw, Matt Straus, Justin M, Jimmy Smith, Morgan D, Neville Fogarty, Mitch Ferris, Mitch Ferris, Adina, Robin Lim, Cynical Bear, Adam Sadoff, Debbie Muller, Lindsey, Chris Comerford, Riley, Alex, Kelly McMahon, Brian Ho, Maddy and Alex, Mark T, Don Ray, Lauren M., Dean S., Sarah M, Zach Zilbershatz, Gina Qin, Raghav Matta, Mark Vandenbark, Matt, Shane Simmons, Anand Desai, Eric Yew, Tim Berberich, Dan T, Mindy Mentzel, S.A.T., Min, Sebastian L., Ed L, Dallas, Tim Davis, Kailin Johnson, Todd Benson, dog cohen, Kassonova, Palmer Lao, Emilie, Brian Perkins, Portia J. Henry-Warren, Rachel Quest, Dana Jara, Grant Anderson, Will W, hjjc, Andrew Stern, Eric Flowers,
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