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Mystery League ✈️ New York City

The Mystery League
Mystery League ✈️ New York City
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #59 • View online
I’ll be in New York City on October 24-27. I’ve got a few slots open for anyone interested in a puzzle event. Just reply to this email if that’s you, and let’s chat.
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Puzzle of the Week. Take a 10-letter word for something that is often done in the dark. Remove first letter, swap two other letters, and you’ll get a word that can be preceded by “dark”. What are these two words?

Anagrams, but where you can break apart letters: "Anagraphs"
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Solution to previous puzzle
Cyhf -> CYHf (cevpr ybbx-hc pbqrf)
(from Issue #58)
Congrats to everyone who solved it correctly: Jimmy Smith, Jim Moskowitz, Matthew Stein, Jon R., PZeso, Scott Joy, Paul J., Violet Moon, Mike, Chris Rochford, Daniel Marcin, Poonicorn, Oliver Peckham, Andrew P, Victoria, Allison S, and Andrew St. Angelo
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