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Mystery League ✈️ San Francisco

Next Tuesday, on March 5, we'll be in San Francisco at the Barrel Head Brewhouse to put on our game T
The Mystery League
Mystery League ✈️ San Francisco
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #51 • View online
Next Tuesday, on March 5, we’ll be in San Francisco at the Barrel Head Brewhouse to put on our game The Unknown Islands. It’s a two-hour escape-room-at-a-table for teams of 8. As of this writing, 25 tickets remain. Pick up a ticket — or buy out a whole table — here.
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Pun of the week. What’s Black Panther’s favorite podcast?
Wakanda Media. Let’s do more. Submit your best movie / podcast puns here. I’ll post my favorites next week.

404: Interactive Puzzle Book by Dr Gareth Moore — Kickstarter
Miskatonic University Game
How does a cruciverbalist create crossword puzzles? - The Kid Should See This
Solution to previous puzzle
From Issue #50:
Wow you all really loved this one. Congrats to all of you who got it: Matthew Simon, John Cheshirsky, Allison S, Dan Kherb, Mike Westfall, Tess Gonzalez, Megan Baskin, vzbx, Amanda S., Joe, Vince Thiele, John Beckerman , Elizabeth Loughnane, Katrina, Daniel Spencer, John W, Sarah L., Brianne W, Naomi, Doug Orleans, Rose Marcin, Cory, David Marcin, Jimmy Smith, Chris Howard, Georgetown, ME, Josh T, Chris, Parker McKay, Eissa Ahmad, John Fecile, Justin (Docrimbo), Nick Wrobz, Laura Em, Ryan Riggs, Jon R., Jessica Peterson, Jena C, Amanda Zimmerman, Danielle Cook, Jonathan Sheffi, Sampo, Aske Lund, Rachel Quest, Beth D, Chris Helms, Joshie Allen, Kieran, “SVN"Bob, Chris Barker, Heather Kennedy, Eric G, Andrea Henry, Dean S, Jack Bishop, Pike, AJ, Matt N., Leland Aldridge, Tim Alexander, “Michael”, Pamela Z., E. Gaule, Neville Fogarty, Jacob Matthews, Christopher Atkinson, Dave Edwards, Brian Casavant, Michelle Ferreirae, Wombat, Ian Michael, Chris Cogburn, and Andrei Mignea
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I run The Mystery League, a company of creative puzzlemakers in Chicago. This is my weekly dispatch of puzzle news. To learn about puzzle events in Chicago, subscribe to Puzzling in Chicago:

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