Mysterysmith goes to Washington

The Mystery League is coming to Washington, D.C.! We'll be hosting our Creatures on the Loose game at
The Mystery League
Mysterysmith goes to Washington
By The Mystery League • Issue #17
The Mystery League is coming to Washington, D.C.! We’ll be hosting our Creatures on the Loose game at Big Chief, at 7 PM on Wednesday May 3. Please tell your friends in D.C.! If it goes well, we’ll explore bringing the game to other cities.

Talking puzzle movies on the CinemaJaw podcast
The guys from CinemaJaw invited me on to talk about my favorite puzzle movies, what makes a good puzzle movie, and other trivial things. I also threw together an on-air movie puzzle that you can play along with.
TypeShift, a new puzzle game by Zach Gage
Zach is responsible for some really great games, including Ridiculous Fishing, Really Bad Chess, and SpellTower. He describes his new one as: Anagrams meets Word Search, with a sprinkle of Crosswords. And it’s really addictive.
FREQ #13: How to Make an Escape Room – Feminist Frequency
My friend Laura E. Hall was interviewed for Feminist Frequency about her career as an escape room designer, how she designs rooms, and what she sees in the future of games in VR.
Puzzle of the Week
Playing off last week’s puzzle, which [SPOILER] featured two words that were rot-13'ed from each other: 
Think of a pair of five-letters words are used frequently around Christmas. They’re not synonyms, but they’re close. You can rot-7 one of the words to get the other. That is, you can shift each letter in one word 7 spots down the alphabet to get the other word. Which two five-letter words are they?
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