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No Country for Old Me
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #81 • View online
Good morning! This past weekend was the MIT Mystery Hunt, written and hosted by my team, Palindrome. It was an exhausting, thrilling year, and the end result was a spectacular hunt around the theme of Bookspace, about the inner world of books. The hunt, which will live in posterity at, featured close to 200 puzzles, all of which are now viewable for anyone curious. Below, I’m linking to the six puzzles I wrote or co-wrote. (Click “Public Access” if you get confronted with a login screen.) I’d love if you gave them a shot, but you’re welcome to skip straight to the solutions if you’re curious. You’re always welcome to email or DM me for hints.
Stay tuned in future issues for more stories about the process of creating the hunt. We have officially passed the baton to the winners, teammate, a team of clever young puzzle writers, who have crafted two awesome hunts over the last two years. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.
🎥 🎥 🎥
Puzzle of the Week. In honor of the upcoming Oscar nominations: Name a movie that was nominated for Best Picture in the ’90s. Add one letter to the end of the title to get a movie that was nominated for Best Picture in the ’00s. Which movies are these?

AMA with Palindrome, the 2022 writing team, Saturday (Jan 22) at 3pm TIMEMIT (Eastern)
The Salt-N-Pepa Diner
Curious and Determined
The Times They Had
My Dinner With Big Boi
How To Install A Handle
Sorcery for Dummies
Solution to previous puzzle
ZNEVARE ➡️ ZNVARE (in rot-13)
From Issue #80
Congrats to all who solved it: Matt N., Brian Perkins, Tedlovescats, Patrick C, Kilgore Trout, Allison Payne, Alex Caviness, Ellyse, Brendan M., Zach Z, Daniel B, Tamara Brenner, Phil C., Ulreh Vogt, CPD, Brad R, Franklin Wu, Emily Ray, Andrew G., Ryan Larimore, Jay Villeneuve, Chris Cogburn, T Welch, Tyler Hinman, Forrest S., cshabsin, Grant Moochmauser, amanda m, Joey Spain, Hilary Hayduk , Sami Casanova, Bruce Hardstone, Oliver Peckham, David P, John Broussard, Dave McGee, Benjamin Siegler, Josh T, Heidi Kirsch, Daniel Marcin, Jeff L, Maggie W., Jen Mitchell, Guy Jacobson, Rachel Quest, Kevvy Kevvy Kev-Boi, Liz G., Dan Katz, James G, Sheffi, Kevin M. Keating, Pat McGrath, Ben Hebert, Matt S, T.Giannetti, Shaby Kaderi, Lily Geller, Q. Pheevr, Matthew Gargano, Robert Bosch, Peter Weisz, John Pole, Andrew S, Matt Goldman, Johnny Collins, Don Luskin, Josh Gantz, John Tomici, Chris Helms, Don Ray, Neville Fogarty, Sean M, and Matt Kerbel
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