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The Mystery League
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #68 • View online
This month we’re welcoming a lot of new subscribers from the Pilcrow Bar hunt. Hello! Welcome to the place where I send you interesting puzzle things I find online every month. This issue we’ve got 3 different puzzle sets, all raising money for good causes.
A few small plugs for The Mystery League:
  • If you just participated in Pilcrow Bar and you want something similar for your company (either for marketing or for team-building), get in touch.
  • I’ve also been putting hour-long trivia games for team-building. They combine trivia and a little bit of puzzles. Again, get in touch if you’d like to discuss that for your team.
  • I’m also on Twitter @pzlr where I’m posting free (not-so-daily) puzzles again.
  • Finally, you can become a patron via this newsletter service, for $2/month.
Thank you!
Puzzle of the Week. Think of a 9-letter term from mathematics. Swap letters 2 & 3, then move the 4th letter to the front of the word, to get a 9-letter term from computer science. What words are these?

Grids for Good
The Social Distancing Puzzles
Puzzle Pop!
Solution to the previous puzzle
ULCRE -> GLCR N (in rot-13)
Congrats to all those who solved it correctly: Amanda M, Philip S, Paul Matwychuk, Oliver Peckham, M. Sean Molley, Eric G, Puzzleg, Chris N., Amy Mocz, Jenny Friedes, Mark Ashton, Gregg K, Kira Novak, Rachel Quest, Matthew Stern, Matt N., Q, Amber S., Lauren M, Elana, Sarah L, Elliot T, Daniel Marcin, Robert Hlavna, Pike, Mary Quest, Kim Pyle, Shane Simmons, Ashley H, Dave Grossman, Erm the Wrm, Daniel, GW, Jon Ginsberg, Jenn Sawin, Tyler Hinman, IreneP, Katie O., AP, Peder Lindberg, cornchak, Rob Jacobson, Katrina, James G, Jacquelyn, Scott T., Erika W
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