Off With Her Head

Puzzle of the Week. Take the first name of a famous woman. Remove the first letter to get a noun, pho
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Off With Her Head
By The Mystery League • Issue #18
Puzzle of the Week. Take the first name of a famous woman. Remove the first letter to get a noun, phonetically. This woman is arguably both the most famous person with this name and the most well-known example of this noun. Who is it?

Puzzle Boat 4 by Foggy Brume —Kickstarter
Puzzle Boats 1-3 were awesome. Now Foggy is raising money to make Puzzle Boat 4 happen. PB is a great online/print-at-home puzzle hunt that you can do alone or with a team. It includes over 100 puzzles. I backed it, and you should too.
Hatched: A new  | Patreon
Veteran puzzle constructor Nathan Curtis is launching a puzzle magazine “focusing on new and emerging constructors” and will offer them editorial oversight and payment for their work. It’s a great idea. 
Journal 29: Interactive Book Game
Journal 29 is a unique book game where you can solve riddles and puzzles and submit your answers online to get the keys and move forward. That’s all I know.
My Dad Wrote A Puzzle Book
Apparently, puzzle writing is a Weisz gene. My dad put together a collection of Jewish-themed puzzles; it’s coming out this summer. “In these pages you’ll find some classic puzzles. You’ll also encounter brand new ones. Each contains a bit of a Jewish twist to add to the flavor. But, like they used to say about the rye bread… You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this book!”
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