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Oh el el

Chicagoans: I'm putting on my tabletop puzzle game The Unknown Islands Thursday night (November 15) a
The Mystery League
Oh el el
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #45 • View online
Chicagoans: I’m putting on my tabletop puzzle game The Unknown Islands Thursday night (November 15) at Empirical Brewery. In it, you and your team are secret agents who must break into the bag and use the objects you find inside — a bottle, ancient coins, postcards, a newspaper, a whale-watching guide, and a mysterious starfish-shaped computer — to complete the mystery. It’s two hours of intense, elegant puzzling.
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Puzzle of the Week. Take something frequently written in text messages. Swap two letters and say the result out loud, and phonetically you’ll describe something else frequently written in text messages. What are they?

Clandestine | Field Notes
The Inkubator by Laura Braunstein —Kickstarter
Former CIA Chief Explains How Spies Use Disguises
Weird Things Found While Researching Puzzles
One perk of this job is I get to spend a lot of time on Wikipedia learning weird new shit. Today we feature Ole Worm, 17th century physician and historian.
Ole Worm - Wikipedia
Solution to previous puzzle
From Issue #44. Congrats to all the people who got it right! Todd, Matt N, Fuzzy Gerdes, BS, Steven McKinney, Andrew P, Heather Kennedy, Jonathan Sheffi, Jimmy Smith, Christopher Atkinson, Emily, Katje, Rebecca W., Eric G, Yossi Fendel, R. Quest, Kid Beyond, C. Ward, Erin Milligan-Milburn, Cera Ward, Rey Lowery, Jake Robinson
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I run The Mystery League, a company of creative puzzlemakers in Chicago. This is my weekly dispatch of puzzle news. To learn about puzzle events in Chicago, subscribe to Puzzling in Chicago:

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