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The Mystery League
Onthusi Astix
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #67 • View online
Hello. It seems silly and trivial to tell you about puzzles and games while there are much more important struggles going on around us. But I’ve heard from so many of you that my puzzles — especially the ones in the ¶| puzzle game — are a welcome distraction. I’m happy to help.
At the same time, we cannot ignore the urgency of what is happening in our country right now. I fully support the Black Lives Matter movement. If you’re looking for ways to support, here is a comprehensive list. Personally, I’ve been seeking out and listening to the voices who are calling for justice. I’ve added one link below that was a deeply helpful starting point for me.
To all of you already protesting and helping, thank you.
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Puzzle of the Week. Take a word that is used to describe people who are overly energetic. Change the first and last letters to get a phrase that describes people who are overly driven. What are these two terms?

The Emerald Flame - A Narrative Puzzle Adventure by PostCurious
Puzzle Bouquet: A Mother’s Day puzzle spectacular
The Miracle Sudoku
REDDOThunt starts this weekend
Scene on Radio: Seeing White
Solution to the previous puzzle
EVPBYN — > EP PBYN (in rot-13)
Congrats to those who solved it correctly: Jim Kuemmerle, Honest Pirate, Elliot T, Jen Whit, Ciera A., Q, Jacob DeHart, Ezra, Jon Ginsberg, Chris Marvel, Danielle Siebert, Alex Allwine, Chris Gama, Jimmy Smith, John W, Matthew Stern, JHolzmann, Christopher H, jeff and scott, Ryan Thompson, Sarah L, Max Barnhouse, cwilk, Lauren M, Brian B., Tai Palmgren, Josh T, Shane Simmons, laudablecalms, Bryan Vanderhoof, JennyRupps, Matt N., @qpheevr, Raji, Amy Mocz, Ori Brian, Lincoln Pennington, John Tomici, Dan Simon, Ellen, Ray, Oskar Vasquez, Rubocop, Shalaka, Eric Bishop, Lenny, Leslie H., Frank Webb, Scott Williams, Erika Wagner, Mark Vandenbark, Mike Selinker, A. Lee, Leslie, Halie, Daniel Marcin, pgw, Natalia M, Linda K, Nick Karbassi, Amanda M, Noah Kram, Rachel Quest, Jen Lee
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