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The Mystery League
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #65 • View online
Hello from the new reality. Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a lot — like, a lot — of offerings for things to play while stuck at home: online puzzles, remote escape rooms, web-based tabletop games, etc. Below, you can find a few of them, and I’ll be sending more as I learn about them.
Thanks for all the ideas that poured in after the last Dispatch; I’ve got a few new things cooking, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, I’ve already started building up a new stable of remote team-building games and fine tuning strategies for running remote events for teams of ~20. I’m also building out a new way to run some of my physical tabletop puzzle games with larger distributed teams. If you’re looking for some ways to break out of the new all-Zoom routine, get in touch.
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Puzzle of the Week. Name an American city in 4 letters. Add one letter inside of it to get a kind of food popular in that area.

A Magical ARG Puzzle Hunt — on Kickstarter
Immersive Newsletter For "Indoor Kids"
Me on 2343
A few short puzzles about Social Distancing
Pancakes, Euphoria, and a Robot Parade: Inside MIT's Grueling Puzzle Competition
Solution to the previous puzzle
ROBYN* –> R. PBYV (in rot-13)
Congrats to those who solved it correctly: Ian Woodhouse, Josh T, Zack C, Tom Scudder, Oliver Peckham, Ricky Young, John Broussard, Erm the Wrm, Tommy, Rush S., John W, Leland, David Miller, Jeremy B., Katie, Matthew Stern, Patrick Cleary, Rachael Drop, Gregg K, Andrew, Richard Chiburis, Eric G, “Michael”, Matt C, Morgan D., Nick Karbassi, TR, Chris Cogburn, claM, Matt N, Elspeth Kursh, Chris Norborg, Chris Marvel, musemyth, Rose Marcin, Mike, Dallas, Raji, Pike, Tyler Hinman, Neville Fogarty, Kailin, Christopher Plummer, Daniel Marcin, Naomi, dydt, Wil, Jon R, Dan Manning, Rachel Quest, Daniel Spencer, Victoria, Steve Johnston, Dave Innis, Mitchell F. Wolfe, Charlotte McKay
(*Isn’t that weird?)
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