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Paris and Lisboy

The Mystery League
Paris and Lisboy
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #77 • View online
Hello! The last week in our house has been spent devouring the Olympics. My favorite moment so far was actually in the Opening Ceremonies, when they performed this frenetic, delightful 8-minute routine modeling all 50 Olympic pictograms. More like this please.
Meanwhile, congrats to Suni Lee, gymnastics all-around gold medalist. On top of all her athetic prowess, Lee has given puzzle setters the gift of a short, vowel-heavy first name. (Which she apparently shares with this adorable tiny antelope?!) Expect to see SUNI show up in your favorite crossword before too long.
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Puzzle of the Week. Name two world capitals that are only 300 miles apart. Inside each capital is an English word. These two words describe two people who could be father and son. Which capitals are these?

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Solution to the previous puzzle
The correct answer that fits all the criteria given in the original puzzle is Oryvmr & Unvgv -> Ryvmnorgu VV (in Rot-13).
From Issue #76
Congrats to all who solved it: Allison Payne, Amanda M, AO, BlueSquare5, Brett Zingler, Brian Perkins, Brock Batsell, Bruce Hardstone, Chris Cogburn, Dana Jara, Daniel “Abolish the Monarchy” Marcin, Daniel B, Derick Hildebrandt, Don Ray, Ed, Eric G, Fafflechaff, Frank Webb, Franklin Wu, Gregg K, Guy Jacobson, Harper E., Heather Bassett, Ian Rodgers, Jake N, James G, Joey Spain, Jon Cudby, Kid Beyond, Laura Henry, Lily G, Liz G., LN&R, Maggie W., Marcus, Mike Selinker, mly, Neville Fogarty, Nivek, Peter Gwinn, qpheevr, Renee Vandervelde, Rose Marcin, S. Huddleston, Sam McDowell, Sami Casanova, Scott T., Shaby Kaderi, T Welch, Tamara Brenner, TCompton, TMK, Todd Benson, Topher Kersting, and Victoria.
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