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The Mystery League
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #79 • View online
For last week’s puzzle, we got a lot of entries for one particular wrong answer: -1. I can see why, but it didn’t really fit the intended conditions. Same with 0. However, I have to give a shout out to Tamara Brenner for this incredible alternate answer:
‘Ninety one’ is 9 letters - remove 3 letters (1/3), the o-n-e, leaving ‘ninety’. In 7-segment digital display format, 90 has 12 total segments (6 in the 9 and 6 in the 0) - remove 4 segments (1/3) from the 0 so that it becomes a 1 and we are back to 91.
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Puzzle of the Week. Think of a store that’s got about 9,000 locations across the USA. Remove the first and last letters and add a space, and you’ll get the name of a beloved Grammy-winning musical artist. What store and artist are they?

The Light in the Mist - A Tarot Puzzletale by PostCurious
Plus Equals #3, September 2021
Party Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Solution to the previous puzzle
The correct answers: AVAR -> FVK -> VK -> AVAR or FVK -> VK -> AVAR -> FVK FVK -> VK -> AVAR -> FVK (in Rot-13)
From Issue #78
Congrats to all who solved it: Angelia, Brad Johnson, Brendan M., Brian Lee, Casey Callaghan, Chris Peressotti, Daniel B, Dave Miller, David Reilly, Don Luskin, Don Ray, E.J. Downes, Elia Robyn Speer, Ellyse, enigmatix, Franklin Wu, Hilary Hayduk, Jim Moskowitz, , Joey Spain, Jon Cudby, Jonathan Hertel, Josh T, Kid Beyond, Leland Aldridge, Lily Geller, Maggie W., Merlin Travers, Mia Villeneuve, Mike Selinker, Neville Fogarty, Patrick Haren, Renee Vandervelde, Sam M., Shalaka, Tom Grennell, Twak, and Tyler Hinman.
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