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Ruth Baller Ginsburg

The Mystery League
Ruth Baller Ginsburg
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #75 • View online
The good news around these parts it that I’m finally, blessedly, fully vaxxed. Last week I spent time in a cafe, and went to see a movie in a movie theater. Yesterday I had a conversation with a client about possibly running one of my tabletop games in person, at their off-site in another state. After a year of Zoom-only team-building, this is a much welcome development. I can’t wait to start thinking about running public games at bars and taprooms for you all again. Hope you’re able to get vaccinated soon, if you’re not already.
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Puzzle of the week. Think of the name of a famous woman from 20th century American politics. Change one letter in her first name to a different double letter. You’ll end up with the first and last name of a famous 20th century American athlete, along with the last name of his rival.

For crossword constructors, an inclusivity debate: What’s ‘common knowledge’ and who decides?
Escape This Column?
Escape from Jury Duty
Escape from your Sudoku Limitations
Solution to the previous puzzle
The correct answer that fits all the criteria given in the original puzzle is PURE*: ZNFX, ZBBAFGEHPX, ZREZNVQF (in Rot-13). I was amazed at how many people uncovered other, close-but-not-quite answers! Most popular wrong answer: John Heard in Beaches, Betrayed, and Big, which were all released in 1988!
From Issue #74
Congrats to all who solved it: Bex Veverka, Brad Johnson, Brent Holten, Brock Batsell, Cecile Sison, Chris Stevens, Claudia Q., Cornchak, D-Rock, Dan Connolly, Dan T., Denice, Derick Hildebrandt, Don Ray, Elaine H, Ellyse, Eric Egype?, Eric G, Frank Webb, GW, Havvek, HowToFoldSoup, James Anton, Jason Hiquet, Jen B, Jeremy B, Jerk++, Joe Pizzo, Jon Cudby, Karla Schneider, Katie O, L Keyes, Lauren M, Leidyne Lau, Lois and Michael Harring, Mark V, Mike, Mike Westfall, Monica Larsen, Nancy Ward, Quantum Week Podcast, Rachel K, Renee Vandervelde, Shannon Pronger, Tamara Brenner, Todd Benson, Tom, Virginia Kim.
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