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The Mystery League
Ryekoms The Bear
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #62 • View online
Today’s issue is dedicated to puzzles-by-mail, which make great last-minute gift ideas, since you can tell your giftee that their present is being sent directly to their house. Just make sure to encode the message for proper effect.
Do have a favorite game not listed here? Or do you you operate a puzzle subscription service? Send us the info and we’ll include it in a future issue.
Puzzle of the Week: Think of a name associated with fire under ground. Remove the first letter, reverse the letters that remain, and the result will be a name that’s associated with fire above ground. Which names are these?

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Solution to previous puzzle
(From Issue #61)
Congrats to those who solved it correctly: @saturn2169, Chris Shabsin, Patrick Cleary, Ian Michael, Evan D Moore, Kniffler, Jon Cudby, Nick Baxter, Wombat, Chris Howard, Jeffery & Co, Sarah L, Daniel Spencer, Harrison S., Jake N, ARONS, pgw, Andrew S, Matthew Stern, Jacob W, Daniel Marcin, Jeff L, Chris Norborg, Ryan, “Michael”, Heather Schon, Jason Westley, Victoria, David Edwards, Mathomeric Gallyernor, Phil Calvert, Gabby, Rob Stilphen, Kailin J, Carly P., Rachel Quest, June F, A Roar, Nixed, Jon R, Dean S., Jeremy B., Dave Innis.
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