Shake and a Haircup


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The Mystery League
Shake and a Haircup
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #70 • View online
Here in America, we have an election coming up. Maybe you’ve heard. It’s kind of a biggie. Today is the last day to register in several states, including my state, Illinois. Here is the link to register in Illinois, and here is the information for every US state.
After you register, you can still request a mail-in ballot. I got mine last week. Vote vote vote.
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Puzzle of the Week. Think of something you might ask for at a salon. Change the first letter, and you’ll get something you might ask for at a saloon. What are these?

Colby's Curious Cookoff
Curiouser and Curiouser: More Wordplay in Puzzling Times, by Ben Zimmer
Word Avalanches: incredibly contrived setups for homophonic punchlines • r/WordAvalanches
Solution to the previous puzzle
PNCR BS TBBQ UBCR (in rot-13)
From Issue #69
Congrats to all who solved it correctly: Admiral Jota, Brad R, Conor Durkin, cyn, David Palmer, Emilie, Evan Davis, Grace725, Ian Michael P., Ian R, Jeff Alexy, Jen from Vancouver, Canada, Jenny Rupps, Jimmy Smith, kittenpants, KP, Laura Bond, Lindsey S., Maggie Wittlin, “Michael”, Michelle Ferreirae, Neville Fogarty, Patrick C, Ryan Bollettino, T Welch.
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Sandor Weisz

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