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The Los Angeles Floridimans

The Mystery League
The Los Angeles Floridimans
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #80 • View online
Happy Holidays! Today’s issue is part gift guide, and part meta-gift guide. It’s still not too late to get some of these things delivered by Christmas, but I’m also including a bunch of virtual gifts and subscriptions, if you’re worried about delivery times. Enjoy!
Puzzle of the Week. Think of the name for a member of a particular professional sports team on one American coast. Remove a letter, and you’ll have the word for a person hailing from a particular place at roughly the same latitude on the other coast. What words are these?

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My favorite puzzle video games
Here are some evergreen recommendations for my favorite puzzle games. These are all downloadable, if you’re looking for a last-minute gift.
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Return of the Obra Dinn
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Solution to the previous puzzle
The correct answer is: Jnyterraf -> Ny Terra (in Rot-13). Thanks to those who brought to my attention that Jnyterraf does not, in fact, have any punctuation to remove.
Congrats to all who solved it: Adam Kaye, Al Green, yes that Al Green, Allison Payne, Amanda Garrett, Amanda M, Andrea H, Andrew Cowie, Andrew McLellan, Andy, BadBiGamer, Bluesquare5, Bob Hlavna, Brett Zingler, Brian Lee, Brian Perkins, Brooks Johnson, Bruce Hardstone, Chris Stevens, Claire G., Connie Barreras, Dan Connolly, Dan Hollich, Daniel B, Daniel Blair, Daniel Cowgill, Daniel Marcin, David P, Debbie M, Derick Hildebrandt, Don Ray, Dude, Edward Nigma, Elana, Ellyse, Emily C, Emily Ray, Emma Kilbreath, Eric G, Eric S., Evan J, Franklin Wu, Gabby C., Gaurika Mehra, General Chaos 2005, Grant Moochmauser, Gregg K, Guy Jacobson, Heather Kennedy, Hilary Hayduk, Ian R, J. Morrissey, Jacob Warbrick, James E, James Finster, James G, Jason Kilsdonk, Jay M, Jeffrey J, Jen B, Jen Mitchell, Jennifer, Jenny Rupps, Jeremy Hamman, Jim Kuemmerle, Jimmy Smith, jlg, Joe Beninato, Joe C, Joe N, Joey Spain, John Bishof, John Carrigan, John VanDeventer, Jon R, Josh T, Juliann Krupa, Kabir Julka, Kat J., Kate, Kate Smith, Katherine O., Kazuko Suzuki, Ke Vin, Kelly McMahon, Kelly Riordan, Kid Beyond, Kieran, Kristy Eriksen, Laura Orr, Laura Orr, lilroser, Lily Geller, Linda Perry , Liz G, Lois Harring , Maggie W., maki, Matt Kerbel, Matt Mittelstadt, Matt P, Melanie Kamme, Michelle B., Michelle Ferreirae, Mike Arbucci , Mike Schmitt, Mike Selinker, Mitchell F. Wolfe, Mommy Keyes, Natalie Prochnow, Neville Fogarty, Nicole Speyer, Nikolaj Munk Binder Jensen, Nina, NM, Oliver Peckham, Patrick C, Patrick Polk, Paul Tzur, Phil C. , R&L, Raji, Renee Vandervelde, Richie B, Rob Breiner, Rob Stilphen, Rocky, Rose Marcin, Ryan Emnett , Ryan T, Sami Casanova , Sandy’s Little Sister!, Scooby, Scott Williams, Shaby Kaderi, Shalaka, Simon H., Stephanie L., Suzy S, “SVN"Bob Pratt, T Welch, Tamara Brenner, TCompton, Todd Benson, Tommy, Tyler Hinman, Victoria, Violet Moon.
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