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The Mystery League
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #57 • View online
Hello! I’m back from Summer break and ready to do get back into the puzzle-making swing of things.
Puzzle of the Week. Think of a word for something that includes a list of food. Add one letter and rearrange the letters to get something that might also contain a list of food. What words are these?

The Master Theorem book
Augmented Reality for LEGO® Construction
Solution to Previous Issue
Congratulations to ALL of the puzzlers who solved last month’s puzzle: Vermo, Rachel K, Oliver Peckham, Jeremy K., Julia Robbin, Violet Moon, Jeff L., Sarah L., Nick Ertz, Taco King, ShaneV2, Amber S. , Victoria, Eric M, Matt Downey, Fire Truck, Kid Beyond, Daniel Marcin, Ryan Riggs, Rob Stilphen, Phil Calvert, Kenny Majewski, Jon R., Todd, Laura S., Marcy Maretti, Meagan Young, Gavin Smith, PSkip, Jim Moskowitz, Jacob W., Heather Kennedy, Matthew Stein, Alexander Allwine, Chris Helms, Lauren, Johanna, Betsy B, Dave Edwards, Stuart Faulds , Philip Skrzypek, TR, Shiny22, Jason Keeley, Elaine , Michael, Hari Seldon, Patrick Tumblety, Brock Batsell, Jessica (Seattle), David Hall, Harrison Stamell, Trey W., Will C., Fireland, fading, Gregg K., Bryan H, Caitlyn, Patrick H., theskywhale, Rachel Quest, Simon H, Ellen, Kira Corteville, Lauren M, Pike, Jonathan Sheffi, Ross, Chris Norborg, Andrew P, Nick Tabick, Luci Samp, Kimson, Ryan Wood, John Broussard, Kilgore Trout, Tiago Campany, Pat C., Abigail Hummel, Matt N., Andrew Walker, Sarah, Brad T., Liam, Naomi, Jena C, Matt Clemson, Tommy, Michael Capps, Ian Michael, Chris Cogburn, Kieran, Dave Grossman, Mia V, Laura M, Gabby, Bryan Sanders, Mark Larson, Bollo, Karol Rybaltowski.
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Sandor Weisz

I run The Mystery League, a company of creative puzzlemakers in Chicago. This is my weekly dispatch of puzzle news. To learn about puzzle events in Chicago, subscribe to Puzzling in Chicago:

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