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Xiao Decca Man
By Sandor Weisz • Issue #76 • View online
Hello! In the last issue I published a puzzle about a famous woman in American history with a three-part name. Then, a few weeks ago, I found out that Will Shortz was planning to feature that same puzzle on NPR’s Weekend Edition. I send puzzles to Will for the Sunday Puzzle all the time — more often than not he kindly rejects them — but occasionally they make it on the air, and it’s always a treat to hear from folks when they unexpectedly hear my name on the air.
The answer — and the list of folks who submitted the correct answer (to me) — is below.
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Puzzle of the Week. Name two countries in the Western Hemisphere that are about 1000 miles apart, one with a five-letter name and one with a six-letter name. Anagram their names together to get the name of a current head of state. What countries are these?

Typography as puzzle. Puzzle as typography.
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Dr. Fill, an A.I., won the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. Here’s how.
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Solution to the previous puzzle
The correct answer is Ynql Oveq Wbuafba -> Yneel Oveq / Wbuafba (in rot-13).
From Issue #75
Congrats to all who solved it correctly: Daniel B, Daniel Marcin, Dana Jara, Phil Calvert, Jon Cudby, Gabe S., Brian Perkins, Scott Williams, Franklin Wu, Jack Flagler, Mike P, James G, Mark Wurzelbacher, Adam Kaye, Jenny Friedes, pgw, Mike Selinker, Kieran, John French, Vanessa C, Victoria, Tamara Brenner, Topher Kersting, Ian Rexroad, Jen B, Debbie Muller, Dan, Kid Beyond, Chris Cogburn, Hilary H., Kailin J, Andy Simmons, Bruce Hardstone, Don Ray, Brett Zingler, Phil A, Lily G, Kelly McMahon, Rachel Quest, Conor D, Josh V., Todd Benson, Michael Myers, Neville Fogarty, Chris Norborg, Sam M, Dan Katz, Scott T., Lois Harring, Josh T, Adam Beane, Sarah L., Joanna G., David Schulman, Liz G., Matt L, Maggie W., Mike O'Malley, Aubrey L, Patrick Haren, Robert Bosch, Cornchak, Jason Kilsdonk.
And here are all the winners from Issue #74. Some got left out last time:
Admiral Jota, Asha & Ryan, Beacon of Bliss, Bex Veverka, BlueSquare5, Brad Johnson, Brendan M., Brent Holten, Brian Lee, Brian Perkins, Brock Batsell, Bryan White, Cecile Sison, Chris Cogburn, Chris Stevens, Christina Brown, Claudia Q., Cornchak, D-Rock, Dan Connolly, Dan T., Dana L, Daniel Marcin, Darcy E, Dave Grossman, Denice , Derick Hildebrandt, Don Ray, DRQuest, Elaine H, Ellen, Ellyse, Eric Egype?, Eric G, Fireland, Frank Webb, Franklin Wu, GW, Havvek, HowToFoldSoup, ironmaus, James Anton, Jason Hiquet, Jason Swanson, Jen B, Jeremy B, Jerk++, Joe Pizzo, Jon and Emilie , Jon Cudby, Josh T, Karla Schneider, Katie O, Kelly Jones, Kelly McMahon, Kid Beyond, Kieran, Kristin Cerutti , Kristyn, L Keyes, Lauren M, Leidyne Lau, Lois and Michael Harring , Madeleine , Marcus Butkus, Marianne Hensel, Mark Hansen, Mark V, Mike, Mike Westfall, Monica Larsen , MP, Nancy Ward, Quantum Week Podcast, Rachel K, Renee Vandervelde, Sami Casanova , Sarah L., Shannon Pronger, T Dubs, Tamara Brenner, Team Aron, Todd Benson, Tom, Virginia Kim, Wade.
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